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Maggie and Ryan’s Presque Isle Lighthouse Engagement Photos

I recently met up with Maggie and Ryan, one of our couples for the 2022 wedding season. I’ve had such a fun time getting to know this pair throughout their booking process, and it was even better finally getting to connect in person! We always make an effort to customize each shoot to the unique history and interests of our couples, and this duo was no exception. Come to find out, Maggie is a huge lighthouse fan and the stunning views of Presque Isle play a crucial role in this love story. It was such a privilege to bring their journey to life, and I’m so excited to share some of their Presque Isle Lighthouse engagement photos.

Man kisses woman's cheek in front of lighthouse on Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA

Finding Mr. Right Swipe

When Maggie’s job took her to Des Plaines, Illinois, she figured it was the perfect time to test the online dating scene. Her temporary placement in the area provided a great change of scenery (and an easy escape plan if anything were to go wrong). When she downloaded Tinder, she had no idea that she would soon not only “match” with, but be “super-liked” by her soulmate!

Smiling couple next to the water on Lightouse Beach at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA

Maggie and Ryan’s in-app chats quickly highlighted effortless chemistry. They agreed to meet up for lunch and — though Maggie made sure to still have an escape plan in place — things went perfectly. In fact, the couple enjoyed each other’s company so much that their lunch date turned into a dinner date!

Couple snuggles together for Presque Isle Lighthouse engagement photos

The day of their engagement was no less magical. Knowing how much his girlfriend loved lighthouses, Ryan decided to take her on a trip to Presque Isle. As if the drive around the peninsula wasn’t romantic enough, Ryan was soon pulling over at the lighthouse. The majestic structure, set against the isle’s stunning views, served as the perfect locale for Ryan to drop onto one knee.

Couple press foreheads together for Presque Isle Lighthouse engagement photos

The Presque Isle Lighthouse Engagement Photos

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Presque Isle myself. When I heard about Maggie and Ryan’s one-of-a-kind story, I was so excited to return to the lighthouse with the two of them. Constructed in the mid-1800s, there could be no better metaphor for the couple’s love than the Presque Isle Lighthouse. I’m confident that these dreamy photos are just the start of Maggie and Ryan’s beautiful life together!

Man and woman kissing in front of lighthouse for Presque Isle Lighthouse engagement photos in Erie, PA

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