Marley & Brandon Get Married in St. Patrick’s Church Wedding

Marley and Brandon were one of our 2020 couples but got upgraded to a 2021 couple thanks to the coronavirus. Still, after having the privilege of attending their stunning St Patrick’s Church wedding and Ambassador Center reception, I can attest that their wedding was worth the wait. This happy couple has been so fun to get to know and even more fun to photograph. I’ll share more about their love story below… but the smiles speak for themselves!

Laughing bride and groom in limo on their way to wedding reception in Erie,PA

High School is Where the Heart Is

When a mutual friend invited Marley and Brandon to accompany him on a double date, they felt as though they were simply doing him a favor. The teens had no idea that, when they sat down at the date, they would be taking the first step toward walking down the aisle.

Bride and groom walk hand in hand through Modern Tool Square in Erie, PA

The double date was the first of many times the pair would hang out. They quickly became so inseparable that it is hard for either of them to distinguish what their first date truly was! As Marley put it, it was “love at first sight.” Throughout all of the ups and downs, she knew that her seventeen-year-old self had picked out the one for her.

Laughing couple during bridal portraits at Modern Tool Square in Erie, PA

Brandon clearly agreed with this assessment and made things official on October 1, 2019. The pair had been discussing and imagining a proposal since the early days of their relationship, but nothing could top the real thing. In the apartment they shared together, Brandon got down on one knee and confirmed what they had both been dreaming of: They would spend the rest of their lives together.

Bride and groom touching foreheads as bride's veil blows in the wind at Modern Tool Square in Erie, PA

The St Patrick’s Church Wedding

Erie’s St Patrick’s Church was the perfect venue for a stunning wedding. With classic stained-glass and unbeatable smiles, capturing this ceremony was any photographer’s dream come true. Lucky for me, it was only one of three beautiful stops throughout the day.

Couple exchanging vows at St Patrick's Church wedding

First kiss at St Patrick's Church wedding

Couple standing in front of Virgin Mary statue in St Patrick's Church wedding

Recessional of bride and groom at the end of St Patrick's Church wedding

Bride and groom kissing outside of St Patrick's Church in Erie, PA

Reception at the Ambassador Center Garden Atrium

The glamorous Ambassador Center reception was the perfect follow-up to the wedding. Balancing sparkling chandeliers with rustic nature features, the atrium accommodates the style and space needs of many guests.

First dance at Ambassador Center wedding reception in Erie, PA

Head table set up at Ambassador Center wedding reception in Erie, PA

Brie and groom share first dance in atrium garden room at Ambassador Center reception in Erie, PA

Bridal Portraits at the Modern Tool Square

Finally, I have to shout out the Modern Tool Square for serving as the perfect bridal backdrop. Its classic brick and unbeatable wildlife surroundings perfectly complemented the beaming bride.

Smiling couple cuddling during bridal portraits at Modern Tool Square in Erie, PA

Bride hugs groom and smiles at the camera during bridal portraits at Modern Tool Square in Erie, PA

Not even a pandemic can stop us from celebrating the happiest moments in couples’ lives. If you have a milestone that needs commemorating or capturing, reach out to us today! We’d love to a part of your special day.

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