Why Engagement Photos are Important to Us

Dear Newly Engaged Couple,

Congratulations on your engagement! We are so happy for you!  Did you recently get engaged over the holidays? Or perhaps it was a special Valentine’s proposal?  Hoorah for love! You have found each other, and we’re here to cheer you on!

Woman wipes away tears as manplaces engagement ring on her fingerYour engagement season is such a special time for learning about each other. But let’s be honest, most couples need that time for planning the big day! Since we have been capturing weddings for over a decade, we know first-hand planning is a lot of work! Wedding preparations can be exciting and fun, but they can also leave you feeling exhausted by the many decisions you will make over the course of planning your special day! 

Engaged woman looks back and smiles at the camera while fiance looks at her lovingly

Weddings are our business, plus we remember planning our own wedding, so we feel pretty confident offering up a few suggestions and support to help you get started :

First off, secure your venue.  Setting a date and location is a big check off the list.  Pat yourself on the back if you’ve figured this one out!  And if you’re still looking around, no worries. We got you! Here are some of our favorite venues that our past couples have loved, and we enjoyed photographing.

Woman watches her fiance play pinball at PlayPort Arcade in Erie, PA

Once you’ve got your venue secured, hire your wedding photographer.  Your wedding photographer is your memory preservationist. We’re like the National Geographic Photographers of Love.  Our sole purpose is to capture the moments of your special day that you want to hold dear and treasure forever.

Couple kissing next to Lake Erie as the sun sets for Lighthouse Beach engagement photos

What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer should be based on some fundamental elements: connection and quality imagery. Having a trusting relationship with your photographer is huge. When you trust the person capturing your memories, not only will you relax and allow moments to happen organically, you can spend time enjoying the day knowing every detail is being preserved. The quality of a wedding portfolio is essential as well. Make sure you jive with your photographer’s storytelling style since these will be the images you have to look back on for generations to come.

Woman's eyes peek out from above her fiance's arm as he hugs her

Here’s the thing, though, lovebirds.  One of the reasons your wedding photos should leave you breathless and able to relive your special day is because your photographer will know about your dreams and photo goals BEFORE your wedding day.   This means we spend time together before your wedding.  We want to get to know you and understand you as a couple.  We take a genuine interest in our couples and want you to have the best celebration possible!   Engagement photos are an excellent way to learn more about what photos you’d like us to capture to tell your story. And also to get you both feeling your most comfortable and natural selves in front of the camera.

Engaged couple laughing together

Why We Love Engagement Photos

When we take your engagement photos, we look for real moments, the organic kind—the stolen glances between lovers or the silly grins from an inside joke.  We are gifted in seeing the small details and focusing on those natural tendencies and interactions between the two of you.  Wedding photos are fun and exciting. Surrounded by your loved ones, smiles abound.  But your engagement photos are just for you, no other family or loved ones around.  You can just be you two in your most natural and paired down element.  

Engaged couple holds hands as they walk on abandoned train tracks with their backs to the camera

The best engagement and wedding photos happen when you have a trusting relationship with your photographer.  At Matt Mead Photography, we care deeply about your photography goals and creating images you will treasure from your engagement and wedding for years to come.   Want to join the MM Family?  We’ll look forward to hanging out with you and celebrating your special occasion.

Couple kisses as they stand in a Christmas tree farm

With gratitude for you.


Matt and Teri

Hungry for more? Here’s some of our top engagement and wedding planning advice we give to all of our couples. Hope it helps you too. Check it out!

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