Why Everyone Deserves a Wedding Album

After all the days and months spent planning your nuptials, your wedding is finally here.  And just as fast as it arrives, it is over.  You joyously celebrated and danced until your feet ached!  You ate cake!  Maybe you even let Uncle Morty pinch your cheeks for old times sake! Now that all the details have come and gone, it’s time to remember just how it all felt! Heartfelt wedding album design is where it all begins. 

In the days after your wedding,  maybe you’re honeymooning on the beach holding a margarita. Or perhaps you’re ziplining together through the treetops. Whatever you are doing, there in the back of your mind is one question… “When will our photos be ready?”  And believe us, we share your excitement! We can’t wait for you to relive your special day! But, we want you to relive them through the power of a printed photo. Did you know that every wedding we photograph includes an album? We are passionate about ensuring every couple has a tangible memory from their unforgettable day! In fact, wedding album design is deeply connected to why we are photographers!

Two Wedding albums stacked on top of each other

Memories Made to Share

Viewing your wedding photos together lets you experience your day over and over. But, even better is having an opportunity to share your pictures with your loved ones.  Maybe it’s your parents or grandparents, and perhaps it’s your children in the years to come. And perhaps, it is the two of you, spending a future anniversary together, pouring over your day and reminiscing. Wedding album design is very important to us. In fact as we capture your day, we are taking photos with your album design in mind! 

Your love story is worth remembering! Seeing photos that pop up as reminders on our phone from years ago or on a digital photo frame do not hold nearly the same amount of emotional weight and remembrance that a wedding album can.   Too often, in the busyness of life, we neglect sharing our most precious memories and giving them the time they deserve.  

Our memory can be a fickle beast. But a wedding album fills the space left open by time, allowing your memories (and emotions!) of your special day to come back to life. 

Wedding album opened and laid flat

Wedding Album Design Matters

We believe wedding albums are so important because it is the closest you can come to reliving your day.  Wedding albums don’t just preserve memories; wedding albums tell love stories.  Each closeup, each glance, and each stolen kiss – these are moments that make up the first chapter of your life together. You can’t replicate the groom’s first look, dad’s face when he first sees you in your dress, or your first kiss as a married couple. We must capture moments like these to relive in years to come! Your favorite images might be the ones that you didn’t even get to see, like the sneak attack from your little cousin trying to steal a bite of frosting from the cake when he thinks no one is watching.  Or of Grandma cutting a rug to her favorite oldies tune as Grandpa claps her on. These are the timeless images you will want to cherish and recall for years to come. Each photo tells its own tiny story within the greater story of your wedding day.  There is no more extraordinary gift than holding an album and feeling the weight of your shared history together.  

open wedding album sticking out of dust jacket with care instructions card

Matt Mead Wedding Albums – Quality Deserving of your Wedding Day

We trust only the best in the industry to help us create and curate your wedding albums. Our albums are professionally assembled and of the highest quality because quality matters in preserving your family’s legacy. You chose the color, size, and fabric.  We help you select the images that best reflect your story.

More colored fabric swtaches laid on top of a wedding album

Creating your album may just be our favorite part of sharing your wedding story! Matt personally selects and designs your album using his favorite images chosen for how they showcase your love story. The Album is designed to unfold your day the way it was captured, inviting you to relive every moment. Because the focus of your wedding day is you and your new spouse, the album starts and ends with a portrait of the two of you together. 

A First Look At Your Story

When we meet for your reveal session (either in person or virtually) we have a special surprise for you as you view your wedding story. Not to give anything away, but know that we have a Costco sized tissue box, should you need it! 

We’ll walk you through how to view your gallery, select favorites, and how to make comments on your wedding album design. You’ll be able to add to your album spread and choose your custom album finishing at this time.  

Fabric samples of diferent colors laid fanned out on top of two wedding albums

An Investment in Forever

Investing in those most special days in life will never be a disappointment. You deserve to have your wedding day displayed on your coffee table where it is accessible for years to come and not just in a file on your computer screen.

Contact us to learn more about our personalized approach to preserving all the treasured memories from your life’s biggest events.


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