What Does Your Engagement Ring Reveal About Your Personality?

Choosing an engagement ring can be one of the more intimidating tasks in a committed relationship, right? Choosing a life partner is a big enough decision, but now you must select a piece of jewelry that will be your (or their) statement of that commitment until…well, until death do you part. It can feel like a huge deal! 

As one of Erie’s leading wedding photographers, we’ve learned that engagement rings tend to express each bride’s unique personality. Nine times out of ten, we think, “It’s perfect for her! Engagement rings are as different as each couple is, so let’s explore some options and how they match with personality types. Maybe it will help you in your search for the perfect frosting!

Round Cut Solitaire – Organized, Classic, and Traditional

Do you prefer everything in your life to fit into neat rows or be checked off a list? Prefer a classic black turtleneck over a more trendy choice? If you believe classic is always in style, you might love a time-honored and traditional engagement ring style – the round-cut solitaire. It has been perfect for generations, and its perfection isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Halo Set Princess Cut  – Always the Life of the Party 

Maybe you’re more of an energetic, lively girl? If you’re always up for a good time, always ready for a party, and usually leading the way, a simple ring just won’t do for you. Maybe you should opt for something with a bit more bling – the halo set princess cut diamond. Another attractive option would be a halo set round cut, and it makes the same statement, just rounder. The halo setting is sure to be the center of attention and is guaranteed to bring the oooohs and aaahhhs at any social gathering.

Alternative Stone – Creative and Maybe a Little Off-Beat  

If you’re someone who prides themselves on going against the grain and paving their own way, maybe a traditional diamond is too ordinary for you. This is for all those INFP’s and Enneagram 4’s out there. Your perfect engagement ring might just be something completely different that no one else has! Try a colored diamond, a rough-cut stone, a pearl, or any other variety of precious stones. When you think outside the diamond, the sky’s the limit!

Bezel Set Solitaire – Active, Outdoorsy, and Always on the Go

If you’re the type of girl that prefers a sunrise hike over sleeping in, weekend camping over a day at the spa, or a morning of digging in the garden instead of a morning at brunch, maybe a bezel set solitaire is the right choice for you. A bezel setting surrounds the sides of the diamond in a circle of gold rather than using prongs to position it high. So when gardening, fishing, hiking, or roasting s’mores, you won’t sacrifice sparkle.

Vintage – Sentimental, with a Love for the Classically Beautiful

If you gravitate towards times gone by and prefer the romantic, sentimental, and ornate, this one’s for you. Maybe your favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice – the Colin Firth version; thankyouverymuch. Perhaps you’d rather pop on a vintage record in your living room than ask Alexa to play literally anything. Yep, we got you. We suggest searching for a vintage or vintage-inspired engagement ring. Start in your own family. Maybe grandma is just waiting for someone to ask for her beautiful 1940s ring. If your family isn’t an option, search Etsy or eBay for some unique options. If you’d prefer to buy new, there are plenty of vintage-inspired options created by today’s jewelers, and we highly recommend finding a local shop that is more likely to create something especially for you.

 Pear Shaped – Modest and Quiet, with a Kind Spirit

Are you more on the quiet side and like to keep to yourself? Maybe you prefer to stay behind the scenes, helping others with a kind heart. You see the good in people, regardless of what others see. You’re idealistic and think people are ultimately good. If this sounds like you, maybe something more dainty and unique, like a pear-shaped diamond, would make your beauty-loving heart happy. It is full of sparkle but has subtle and unexpected beauty, just like you.

Well, how’d we do? Do any of these sound like you? Were you surprised, or did we nail it? If you’re ready to plan your dream engagement (or wedding!) in or around Erie, PA, we’d love to chat! We can’t wait to hear your story!

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