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In order to ensure your wedding goes just as you want it, you must make sure that those working on your big day are all totally invested in providing the best service possible. It is especially important to consider this fact when you start trying to pick the perfect wedding venue. If you are just beginning your search for an Erie PA wedding venue, you will see that there are many to choose from; but, after speaking to Elizabeth of the Erie Yacht Club, it was evident that her love for what she did made it a special venue. One where the quality of service is beyond excellent because of their caring investment in you and your interests. The Erie Yacht Club is an Erie PA wedding venue you’ll want to add to the top of your list of places to check out for many reasons.

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Dougan is the event planner and catering manager at the Erie PA wedding venue, the Erie Yacht Club. She graduated from Mercyhurst  in 2005 with a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. When I hear this, I think of her being a superwoman of organization and leadership with this degree! Elizabeth worked her way through college at the Erie Yacht Club. When she got offered a position as catering manager there, she accepted. She has been happily working for the establishment since! Elizabeth claims that while she Erie Yacht Club has been doing events all along, business has really flourished and taken off the past 20 years.

She attributes a lot of the growth to the fact that you no longer have to be a member to hold your event there (which is a definite plus if you’re not.) While a member’s sponsorship for a wedding is preferred, they’ve hosted many weddings and events without having sponsorships at all. Because of this, they are able to host (an astounding) 400 events yearly! This shows how popular and desirable the Erie Yacht Club truly is.

Elizabeth can’t give an exact “favorite client” for this year because she builds such rapport and deep care for each and every couple she gets to work with. Relationships blossom, and the desire the couple has for their day to be special is transferred to her. Elizabeth along with the rest of the staff are driven to provide top-notch service because they truly love what they do and who they’re doing it for. Even if you don’t know any of the staff personally, the Erie Yacht Club is an Erie PA wedding venue that will treat you as if they’ve known you as a friend their whole lives.


Amenities and Uniqueness Offered

As stated before, the Erie Yacht Club is more than just an Erie PA wedding venue. They host showers (bridal, wedding, baby, etc,) class reunions, conventions, birthdays… almost any event! The unique location and scenery is something the Erie Yacht Club can certainly boast about. One of the most special attractions is that a couple can get married out on the water. Can you imagine the stunning photographs of the bride and groom saying their “I dos” surrounded by sparkling waves of water? Or, you can get married outside overlooking the Presque Isle Bay with Presque Isle as the backdrop. There are also gardens or even places where Downtown Erie PA can be viewed. This is awesome, because it allows you to create your preferred ambience for wedding photos! Being a photographer, this excites me!

As far as amenities go, the list is far from lacking. The Erie Yacht Club will offer a variety of things as a venue, including things like basic food and beverage (which comes from the club house.) Of course, your cake, DJ, or other vendors can be brought in yourself. But the Club does offer catering that will cover the whole nine; serving things like hors d’oeuvres, buffets, champagne and other beverages… and even more. Better yet, they also offer decor. This would include things like linens and centerpieces, place cards, and a place for desserts and the cake. Their services offer set-up and strike, as well as cutting and serving the wedding cake. They offer indoor services, as well as an outdoor venue you could utilize. This, too, will include set-up and strike.

You will have the option to have Elizabeth as your hard-working wedding coordinator, who will help seamlessly weave these amenities into a flawless celebration. I will explain her services in more detail a little later.


The Planning and Booking

The Erie Yacht Club is a popular venue. Because of this, Elizabeth suggests putting a deposit down (typically $1000 deposit for a wedding reception) at least a year in advance. A year and a half would be even better. If there are any last minute brides-to-be looking for the perfect Erie PA wedding venue, they shouldn’t be discouraged! Contact the Erie Yacht Club anyway. One can never know when a cancellation might occur; so even if your wedding is only six or eight months away, don’t hesitate to call.

The aiding in the planning of your wedding is what is surely one of the best amenities the Club offers! As mentioned in the previous section, Elizabeth is ready to work tirelessly as your wedding coordinator and planner. She will assist you on your big day orchestrating the schedule, coordinating the vendors, and doing everything she can to ensure all runs smoothly. When you have Elizabeth’s help, you will be so thankful for her ability to keep everything organized and in order. Also, it will help you save money since you won’t have to hire a separate wedding planner.

As your wedding coordinator, she will sit down and have a meeting with you after you have booked and placed your deposit. You will get into the dirty details of themes, number of guests, bridesmaids, etc; she will help you plan the ceremony, reception, and all the fun ideas you want to include. Using her services at the Erie Yacht Club will help you customize your wedding or event exactly as you envision it. We all know individuality in a wedding is essential– Elizabeth will bring that to your event.

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Get the Ball Rolling!

As I mentioned at the start: if you want something done right, you need the people behind the scenes to care as much as you do about the project. A good product will be evident if there is love, quality work, and dedication behind it. The Erie Yacht Club proof of just that. It is an Erie PA wedding venue more than worthy of your consideration for your wedding venue (or any event,) contact the club here; or, you can email Elizabeth directly (

If you’re still in need of an Erie PA wedding photographer, contact me here. You can also contact me if you’re interested in being featured in one of my blog posts. To see a vendor I previously featured, check out this post about Topics Salon in Erie PA where I got to take some incredible head shots!



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