Erie PA Engagement Photos with Jillian & Jared

Shooting Erie PA engagement photos is so rewarding because I get to meet couples who are eager and excited to marry. This is so special to me, because it all leads up to the best day of a man and woman’s lives: their wedding day. In my opinion, an engagement proposal is just as much a declaration of love as the wedding vows themselves. That is why getting to meet and take pictures of Jillian and Jared was so cool. I’ll tell you a little more about them, and their little addition to their Erie PA engagement photos.

erie pa engagement photo man, woman and girl holding hands

About the Couple

Jillian and Jared are a fun, young couple who know how to have a good time! They met through social media, which time and time again seems to prove it’s a great way to meet new people. Jillian Peck is a confident woman with a bubbly personality. She took the initiative of asking Jared Dalrymples out to join her and some friends in some glow bowling. Talk about fun! Since then in early February 2014, they’ve grown closer and really fallen for one another. It was when Jared told Jillian “I love you” for the first time they knew for sure this was the real deal.

But it all hinged upon something even more serious than being so fond of one another. You see, in Jillian’s world, her beautiful daughter Braelynn always had and would come first. Throughout this time together, Jared took the time to become more acquainted with the young lady. Being such a huge factor in Jillian’s life, Braelynn’s blessing of Jared was extremely important. He loves Braelynn as his own, and has proven himself an incredible father-figure.

Jared proposed in late April 2017 at the concert of Jillian’s favorite band. Isn’t it amazing how music is there for us in the best times of our life to compliment the setting and mood? This was such a momentous and meaningful concert, so I think Jared’s timing was impeccable. And, of course, she said yes!

erie pa engagement photos man and woman laughing on a bridge

erie pa engagement photos man and woman touching noses at sunset

erie pa engagement photos man and woman staring into each others' eyes

The Shoot

The first two locations for our Erie PA engagement photos was Frontier Park, a place I’ve shot at many times before.  The scenery of the trees and lightly wooded area sets an intimate, romantic mood. This was a perfect place to feature the gorgeous couple.

erie pa engagement hug from behind photo

erie pa engagement family holding hands photo

erie pa engagement girl running photo

erie pa engagement man holding daughter photo

Along with the two, little Braelynn accompanied. We got some excellent photos of both the two lovebirds and the family of three. The second location we were able to get some great pictures at was a little different. It’s a pier overlooking Dobbins Landing behind the Blasco Library in Erie PA. Now, while there’s nothing especially significant about this location, I believe it lends an amazing view and makes for a perfect backdrop for photos. As an Erie PA photographer, I love finding little gems like this. It can make the photography so much more engaging, finding these special little spots around the city.

Jillian and Jared gazed into each others’ eyes with love and affection, while Braelynn dawned her cutest smile!

erie pa engagement little girl smiling photo

erie pa engagement holding hands couple photo

erie pa engagement photos silhouette of engaged couple kissing

I am so excited to see this couple take the first step on their journey to together forever. I love taking Erie PA engagement photos because I capture that first step of their journey. We can’t wait for their wedding and hopefully future family photography starring the beautiful Braelynn, co-starring mom and dad!

For more information on how to book your Erie PA engagement photo session, contact me here. I can’t wait to tell your story.

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