Alicia & Cody’s Lakeshore Vineyard Wedding

If we could sum up Alicia and Cody in just one word, it would be fun! These two truly embody the word and all that its simple joy implies. We loved getting to know them, spending time with them, and having a blast at their Lakeshore Vineyard wedding! These two love to travel, and their story takes them worldwide. But in all their adventures, what really mattered to Alicia and Cody was spending their wedding day with their dearest loved ones on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie.

Bride feeds grapes to her groom at Lakeshore Vineyard wedding

A German Beginning

It’s not every day that one can say they randomly met the love of their life in a foreign country. But that’s exactly how Alicia and Cody’s story began! They both chose the adventure of working at The Edelweiss Resort in Germany. And it was a random chance passing-by meeting in a kitchen that started it all. They ended up hanging out with mutual friends at game nights or for Stranger Things viewing parties. 

old photograph of couple displayed at their wedding

Their first date was an adventure in and of itself. They took a train ride to Innsbruck, Austria, where they enjoyed lunch together and wandered the streets, talking and enjoying the city. Eventually, a relationship bloomed, which continued when Alicia returned to the States. The following year consisted of a budding long-distance relationship, punctuated by Cody flying to Pennsylvania to help Alicia move across the country. They spent ten days together, traveling and visiting family and the sights along the way. It was on this trip that Alicia knew she would spend the rest of her life with Cody. Maybe it was their mutual love for listening to hours of Harry Potter on audiobook, or perhaps it was the ease of conversation but what was clear was that these two were a perfect fit.

Bride sits on groom's lap as he rests on stone wall at Lakeshore Vineyards

Waterfalls and a Ring

On a weekend trip to Silver Falls in Oregon, they found themselves on a secluded hiking trail featuring several waterfalls. At one of these falls, Cody dropped to one knee and asked Alicia to marry him. Of course, the answer was yes! Then they were able to begin planning the wedding of their dreams.

Groom kisses bride on the cheek as she looks at the camera

Vows in the Vineyard

In the heart of Lake Erie’s wine country lies Lakeshore Vineyard. The family-owned vineyard sits on 24 acres of waterfront property, boasting lush vineyards and breathtaking views of the lake’s shorelines. Alicia and Cody confidently chose a wedding near home, with the sweeping views of a Lake Erie sunset, and it was the perfect choice to begin their life together. 

A Lakeshore Vineyard wedding

Alicia wore a lace-embellished, open-back dress that perfectly complimented her personality and location. Accented with low heels, a jeweled headpiece, and a sweeping veil, she was a vision. 

whiskey blending ceremony at Lakeshore Vineyard wedding

Alicia and Cody welcomed their guests with DIY welcome signs as they headed to seats facing the gorgeous lake views. These two are nothing if not fun (remember?), so their ceremony featured a whiskey unity ceremony. This 100% gets the Matt Mead Seal of Approval! These two clearly know how to bring the party, even during their wedding ceremony! They each poured some whiskey into a barrel, blended it, and took a shot! What a perfect way to symbolize joining their lives as one.

Bride and groom take shots of whiskey during their unity ceremony at their Lakeshore Vineyard wedding

Party in the Barn

As we said, Alicia and Cody know how to have fun! Their entire day was full of family, friends, and a giant laid-back party! After some fantastic portraits in the vineyard, it was time to celebrate. Their reception took place in the two-story luxury barn on the same property. They danced to Amazed by Lonestar and feasted on BBQ chicken, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans. And their wedding day wouldn’t have been complete without some German-beer-fest-style songs on the dance floor, just to round out their story.

Dancing at Lakeshore Vineyard wedding reception

Bride and guests dance at Lakeshore Vineyard

Cheers to a Life of Adventure

Alicia and Cody dream of a life full of adventure and travel. Hopefully, with a couple of kids in tow, their goals include seeing the world as much as possible. Life is meant to be taken head-on, with gusto and excitement. These two are doing just that; we can’t wait to see where their adventures take them! 

Bride and groom laughing together in vineyard

If a life of adventure and a super fun party speak to your heart, we might be a good fit for you! We’d love to grab a glass of wine (or whiskey) and hear about your dreams for your wedding and future together. Contact us today to get started!

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