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Erie PA engagement photography is rewarding to me for many reasons. I get to meet awesome people who are madly in love and ready to show it off! Also, I get to really enjoy the city of Erie PA; a special place with many unique spots that can serve as the backdrops for my photoshoots. […]

Some of my favorite couples to get to know and photograph are the humble, down-to-earth couples. There’s nothing that can bond a couple with depth like two sincere hearts full of kind and loving compassion. While some might argue most couples have this, I believe Matt and Lauren have a little something extra. They were […]

Shooting Erie PA engagement photography is so rewarding because I get to meet Pennsylvania couples who are eager and excited to marry. This is so special to me, because it all leads up to the best day of a man and woman’s lives: their wedding day. An engagement proposal is just as much a declaration […]

Love is so special because for each couple, the experience and story are both so unique. Here in Erie PA, I’m fortunate enough to get to shoot many couples for their engagement sessions. More excitingly, I get to learn about each and every love story. Patti and Tyler have such a wonderful tale of continual […]