Alexa and Ryan’s Engagement Photos in Downtown Edinboro

Whenever possible, I always try to take a couple’s engagement photos in locations that are meaningful to their interests or history. I recently connected with Alexa and Ryan for their engagement photos in downtown Edinboro.  This pair’s love story centers around the stunning locale of Edinboro University and the downtown area. It was such a privilege to capture the beauty of the lake and surrounding community — especially with such a fun duo.

Couple embracing as woman looks at camera in Edinboro PA

From the Library to a Lifetime

Every library is filled with stories, but when Alexa and Ryan met in that building on Edinboro University’s campus, they couldn’t have known that they were about to encounter an epic love story. The chance encounter was memorable enough to lead to an official date in July of 2017. As Alexa recalls it, she felt like she’d never been able to talk to someone so easily. (With such endless conversation, it’s good that they were out of the library by that point!)

Man and woman walk hand in hand next to the Edinboro Hotel bar

Ryan proposed in 2020 — nearly three years to the day of that first date. He and Alexa had taken their dog for a walk around the Edinboro campus, a regular weekend excursion. Little did Alexa know, Ryan had quite the surprise planned. He dropped to one knee and proposed a lifetime together. Fittingly, they were right near the iconic campus clock tower.

Couple kissing in the middle of a crosswalk for engagement photos in downtown Edinboro

Alexa was thrilled, but shocked. She remembers not being able to fully process what was happening and say “yes!” until the drive home. Her answer came just in time for the surprise engagement party, filled with family and friends, that Ryan had waiting for her.  With so many happy memories formed in and around the campus, it’s no wonder that the couple chose to take their photos in the scenic downtown and near Edinboro Lake.

Couple kissing next to Edinboro Lake at sunset

The Engagement Photos in Downtown Edinboro

Edinboro is a cozy, quintessential college town — but it has much to offer beyond its famous campus. Its downtown area has an undeniably classic feel, ripe with small businesses and historical architecture. Best of all, at least to my eyes and lens, is its proximity to Edinboro Lake. The peaceful, sparkling water has inspired small resort communities to crop up, and it was also the perfect inspiration for these engagement photos.

Couple kissing next to Edinboro sign for engagement photos in downtown Edinboro

When you bring your favorite people and places together, the only thing left to do is add photos to the mix! At Matt Mead Photography we dedicate ourselves to celebrating your milestones, achievements, and happiest moments. Contact us today to learn more or book a session.

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