A Beautiful Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel Wedding with Heidi & Zach

As wedding photographers in Erie, PA we have the honor of celebrating and capturing moments from each couple’s big day. Heidi Masters and Zach Schriefer’s Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel wedding was a day that we truly enjoyed.

Bride and groom snuggle together and smiling

An Online Love Story

You see commercials for the successful love that Match.com can bring, but we saw first-hand a love match thanks to the dating website. Heidi and Zach, after family members encouraged them, signed up for a Match profile. As fate would have it, the two hit it off immediately spending days messaging and texting back and forth. The spark grew even stronger when the two met for drinks at Pubic House. Three years ago, after going to the 13 Levels of Fear haunted house, the two officially became a couple. Heidi and Zach have since made it a tradition to go to the haunted house and finish the night with a buffalo chicken pizza from Public House.

Bride and groom share first dance at Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel wedding

A Haunting Proposal

Heidi and Zach’s proposal story is unique and one that we can see entertaining the family for years. October 19, 2018 started like any other date night for the couple. According to Heidi, Zach seemed more chatty and fidgety than normal. Heading home that night, Heidi noticed a strange smell in Zach’s car, but said nothing. As the couple was saying their goodbyes, it began to drizzle rain so Heidi quickly headed to her house. Before Heidi could get inside, Zach called for her to come back to the car to look at something in the trunk. Confused with his behavior that night, she went back to the car hoping for some clarity. As Zach began pulling a black tarp out of the trunk Heidi just knew her thoughts of it being a dead body in the trunk were coming true (and she began panicking even more!). Much to her surprise, the tarp revealed five pumpkins sitting on a shelf with the words “Heidi, Will you marry me?” carved into each one. The panic of being an accessory to a murder quickly changed to excitement and tears of joy!

Bride and groom laughing while holding a snickers candy bar

Photographing a Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel Wedding

The Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel is a beautiful venue for an Erie, PA wedding. Heidi and Zach’s wedding took place on October 19, 2019 at this bayfront venue.

Couple laughing during the vows of a Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel wedding

Recessional portrait of bride and groom at a Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel wedding

We captured the stunning bridal photos on the grounds, and we thought the sky-bridge with views of the bay was the perfect spot for the first-look.

Bride apporaches groom for first look at Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel wedding

Groom reacts to seeing his bride during first look at Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel wedding

Bride and groom laughing during first look at Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel wedding

We were all excited for the opportunity to capture sunset photos of the couple at Erie’s bayfront as the Lettie G. Howard set sail in the background.

Bride and groom kissing with Bicentennial Tower and Lettie G Howard sailing in the background

Bride and groom smiling at sunset on Lake Erie

We really enjoyed being part of Heidi and Zach’s special day! Being wedding photographers near Erie, PA it is our pleasure to capture memories of a couple’s big day. If you are searching for a photographer, contact us┬áto capture your wedding day. We would love to meet you!

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