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Dave and Kelly’s Wedding on the Lettie G. Howard

We loved getting to shoot the recent tall ship wedding of Kelly Dempsey to Dave Hodas in Erie, PA. They held their ceremony on the tall ship Lettie G Howard and their reception track-side at the Brewerie at Union Station. Of all the weddings I’ve done, this one left us with some of my favorite pictures.

The Lettie G Howard docked in front of the Bayfront Maritime Museum in Erie, PA

Not only were the Lettie G Howard ceremony and Brewerie reception beautiful to photograph, but Dave and Kelly were so enjoyable to work with. Their love for one another, as well as their vibrant personalities, made the occasion extra special.

Bride and groom goofing around at their tall ship wedding on the Lettie G Howard

Love at the Brewerie

The Brewerie holds a very special place in the hearts of Dave and Kelly. It was where they first met back in 2014. Kelly was a bartender at the Brewerie throughout college and continued to moonlight there after graduating and finding another job. On March 15th, 2014, Dave and a good friend of his came into the bar and ordered a few beers. Kelly liked the look of Dave’s beard and followed them to Calamari’s after her shift. The rest is history!

Groom looks at bride while she looks at the camera along the tracks at the Brewerie at Union Station

Because of their history with the Brewerie, it was the perfect place to hold their wedding reception. We were able to take some really great photos both at the Brewerie and track-side. I was hoping to capture some dark, moody images and Dave and Kelly really helped me do that beautifully.

Bride and groom kiss along the tracks at the Brewerie at Union Station

The Proposal

After slowly easing their way into a relationship, Dave proposed on the four-year anniversary of the day they met—March 15th, 2018. Dave and Kelly were hiking on a vacation to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

Bride and groom laughing at their tall ship wedding on the Lettie G Howard

“It was just after a rainstorm and the desert was beautiful,” Kelly says. “He proposed with a ring he had just bought at Wal-Mart—very sneakily because I was actually with him buying camping supplies—because he wanted to let me pick out my own ring. It was perfect.”

Bride kisses groom on the cheek during tall ship wedding

A Tall Ship Wedding in Erie, PA

The wedding ceremony was held on Lettie G Howard. The schooner has been around since 1893 and is now a National Historic Landmark. The boat was a breathtaking choice of venue. We enjoyed taking advantage of all the natural light and sparkling water in Dave and Kelly’s ceremony photos.

Wedding guest work with bride and groom to hoist sail at a tall ship wedding on the Lettie G Howard

When asked to share a funny story, the couple laughed. “Trying to think of one that’s blog-appropriate makes us realize how inappropriate we are.”

Bride and groom touching noses during their tall ship wedding on the Lettie G. Howard

When we asked Dave what he loves most about Kelly, he replied “I love Kelly’s enthusiasm for life. She is always smiling and is up for anything—as long as she doesn’t have to do a long car ride. She makes me feel loved every day.”

Bride and groom admire the horizon from the deck of the Lettie G Howard

“Dave is the most interesting person I know,” Kelly says. “I never get tired of learning new things about him. He’s also the person I respect most in the world—if he says he will do something, he means it. He really knows who he is and what he wants. He’s made me a better person.”

Bride and groom leaning up against the lines of the Lettie G. Howard

“Also,” Kelly laughs, “he always gives me the last bite of food when we’re sharing.”

Bride and groom share first kiss at their tall ship wedding on the Lettie G Howard

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